Never been behind the wheel of a car before? Are you concerned about driving on busy streets for the first time? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

First time drivers

Many of our students are first time drivers who haven’t previously driven a car on a public road.  In this instance, the first lesson typically takes part in a safe, controlled environment (not shopping centre car parks) where the student can experience conditions similar to a public road but with no risk of accident or to public safety. This allows students to get a “feel” for vehicle control such as braking, accelerating, scanning and head checking.

Once the student has the necessary skills the lesson progresses to public roads – initially quiet backstreets and eventually busier roads with more traffic and distractions.

How long does it take to progress to busy roads?

The timing  varies and depends on each individual student. Some students show an aptitude to driving and road safety immediately, while others take a little longer to gain confidence and skills. There are no rules and absolutely no pressure applied to the student to conform to a designated schedule. We’re here to help and adapt to the requirements of each individual.

Why not shopping centre car parks?  

We don’t take our first timers to shopping centre car parks for a number of reasons. A shopping centre car park doesn’t replicate normal road conditions in any way.  Most shopping centres are open long hours, 7 days a week making them dangerous for first time drivers and pedestrians alike.  We have access to low risk, controlled environments dotted throughout the Northern Beaches that are perfect for beginners, giving them the confidence and skills necessary before entering roads with traffic.

Are you a nervous driver? 

One of Trent’s specialties is working with nervous drivers of all ages, including those learning to drive a little later in life or perhaps wanting to refresh their driving skills after taking a break from being behind the wheel.  Trent takes an empathetic and caring approach and starts by asking the student what they want to achieve.  Perhaps they have been sticking to the same route for many years, too scared to venture outside of their comfort zone. Others have been part of a traffic accident when younger and lost confidence.  Whatever the circumstances, Trent starts in a safe environment and sets small, achievable challenges so the driver gains confidence and acquires the skills to start driving in areas outside of their comfort zone. There is no time limit set, it is completely up to the individual as to how quickly or slowly the lessons progress.   If you’re a nervous or older driver, please don’t hesitate to contact Trent for an obligation free chat so you can determine whether he is the right instructor for you.

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